Thursday, October 27, 2011

Death Note Collection by Shiro Cosmetics!

I apologize for the larger photos... but blogger would not upload these for some reason.. kept giving me internal errors.

Yay! My Shiro Cosmetics order came in :) And as you can tell... I'm super duper excited in my video. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and everytime I look at them I keep kicking myself for not knowing about this brand sooner!

I mentioned in the video about how I can be a very big prude when it comes to buying eyeshadows online, mostly because I can never truly know what they look like in my eyes until I see them swatched on MY skin. So having the option for samples like Shiro Cosmetics has is an amazing quality, especially since they are only $1. This way, I can choose my favorites depending on how well they wear and how vibrant they are on my eyes. So far I've picked out three I will be ordering full sizes of from this collection and I'm still working on the Super Effective collection!

Absolutely amazing, keep up the great work Caitlin!


  1. So jealous! I heard she was coming out with Death Note things, but I have no money. *sigh*

  2. D: They were only $9 for the whole set though!

  3. Ahh these are all such amazing colours, i love deathnote aswell! I cant wait to get mine :D