Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drag Night!

Went out to Drag Night with some friends, let me tell you... gay men know how to party @_@ A lot harder than I ever have... haha, by the end of it I felt like mush and was all sweaty and gross and of course they all looked amazing! So anyways, in honor of bright makeup and fun times, I ended up doing this look: which I took the idea from my plugs which on one side are a gold/blue and the other is a teal/copper with a orange/red gradient lip look using Shiro cosmetics.

See the plugs?! Aren't they just divine? :3

Anyways, so basically what I used on the lid was I primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion, then I used Half Baked (Urban Decay) on the lid and in the crease, then I cut the crease with Carbon (MAC) and shaded it up into the brow bone. Then I applied Electric Eel (MAC) to the spot where the shading met the brow bone, and then used Deep Truth (MAC) underneath, and then a teal color from my 88 CS Prisim Palette. Blendblendblend, and then Gesso (MAC) right under my brow bone with some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk under the Gesso. Then I used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy over Half Baked, and applied MAC Reflects Antique Gold Glitter, and Reflects Transparent Gold over that. Under the eye I used the same shadows I used for the top of the brow bone and in the eye duct I used some random highlight gold color from the 88 palette. THENNNNNNN, I made my cheeks up with Dollymix and the 10pan Blush Palette from CS and used Lightscapade (MAC) to highlight my cheekbones.

For the lips I used NYX's Plush Red Lip Liner all around my lips and went just above my line to give the appearance that my top lip is fuller than it really is. Then I applied NYX's round lipstick in Red to the side and Morange by MAC in the middle. I blended that together then applied Charmander by Shiro Cosmetics to the center and blended that out with a shader brush, then I applied a tiny bit of Pikachu by Shiro Cosmetics to the exact middle.

SIMPLE! I had a lot of fun with this and I'm hoping I get a chance to do something like this again sooooooon, I work far too much :/

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