Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Rendition of Zipper Face

I saw this awesome video awhile ago while searching through latex videos and found this:

Needless to say... I knew exactly what I was being for Halloween this year, but sadly... I work on Halloween... so I decided to dress up for my friend's costume/birthday party!

Totally digging my hawk btw.

Basically... what I did was I painted a zipper with liquid latex that was close to my skin color, I used some Ben Nye Liquid Latex and some Halloween store junk... which btw if you're going to do this... try to use the Ben Nye stuff, or any better latex, the Halloween store stuff was very thin and hard to use. Then I let the latex sit, and then did my hair, I just used Big Sexy Hair hairspray and teased up the middle then pinned the sides up and teased those as well so they would stick up like a mohawk. I didn't do the back part though, I just kind of let it lay down to make kind of a Native American Mohawk type hawk since the bottom part of my hair is VERY long compared to the top part of my head.

Then I applied the latex zipper from my forehead, to my chest with Spirit Gum, then I applied my regular foundation all over the zipped and latex with some concealer too on darker parts of the latex. I then shaded in my nose with MAC Carbon and near where shadows would be for my face. Then I applied Carbon to my eyes, well.. around my eyes, then I applied some purple shadow from my 88 palette onto my dark circles to enhance them and make me look tired and icky. I also applied those colors to the zipper and some parts of the latex and under my lips and such. Just played around with the colors a lot to make it look dark and icky. I then used Ben Nye blood and spread it pretty much anywhere I could think of.

I also spread the blood onto my shirt, because I'm supposed to be zipped all the way down. Loved this and I'm looking forward to doing more :3