Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holy Fyrinnae Batman!

Did some major haulage over the past few days, at one of my favorite sites to buy from:, and I have more from the Halloween collection on the way.

Now, if you don't know much about Fyrinnae you should know that they're notorious for their website being down and slow processing times, which is fine because the colors are so amazing, and their staff is very small for the amount of orders they put through.

On to the pretties!

Just... looooook!! My favorites are Sugar Skulls, Darling Misfit, Pyromanic Erotica, Electro-Koi, and Anemone (rest it's soul... it was so gorgeous). The only other sad thing about these colors are most are limited edition... which makes me a sad panda... because I wish I had bought more Anemone before it got discontinued. I haven't seen it on the site since I got it :/

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  1. I'm waiting on my Fyrinnae order, I'm so impatient! This has just increased my wishlist! Leif and Fyre & Ice are gorgeous! x