Monday, December 27, 2010

Suck it MAC and Nubar!

Oh yes, I definitely found a good alternative to Nubar and MAC's VV collection foil nail polish. And for $4.

Hard Candy, you never cease to amaze me. Two coats of this color and your good to go, it's pretty sweet.

*drumroll* I FINALLY got some Fyrinnae, and it came in this awesome packaging (which my kitten is still playing with) :) I can't wait to try out Pixie Epoxy and show some swatches!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


My little Lush "area". I keep it near my sink and everything is organized by what it does. From the left: Hair products, makeup removers, scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers, empty pots, some clinique eye products and in the middle is body products. And the small items on the very bottom are just emu oil and sea salt for my piercings.

My new love. I've had a few samples of this stuff before, but never went ahead and bought it... sadly. It's AH-MAZING for healing dry patches. No... I'm serious, I bought this lotion and used it maybe two days on some dry patches I had on my shoulder area, and they're almost gone. They were red and swollen and now they're faded into the skin. Also makes your tattoos keep color a LOT better than you'd expect. It's the banana extract.

I've been using this pot for about a week, yeah... there's a lot in there, and you don't need a lot to cover a large area.

My pikachu used to be a LOT more faded than this. But this is before I put SFTS on.

And after :)

Sexy Peel! Pine sol in a bar :) I love it. It is a bit harsh though for people who do not like exfoliating soaps.

Hehe, looks so gross, smells so amazing.

Nails :) China Glaze, I love you.

I'm rather in love with this color. Do you know how hard it is to find a opaque creamy yellow nail polish? China Glaze, I love you for this one. It's called: Happy Go Lucky. I can't wait to walk into work this one :)

Something Sweet, Happy Go Lucky and Grape Pop.

This is from last week, it's not as pink as the picture suggests... it's actually a more salmony pink that looks like orangeishpink in the sun. I like it none the less. It's called High Hopes.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome to my small but possibly useful blog-network. I am working on bettering myself through blogging, dieting, swatching and just writing in general. I will be posting 3 blogs, one for my dieting and everyday rambles, another for my swatching and cosmetics/skincare reviews, and yet just one more for my photography and gizmo reviewing and pictures.

While no one will probably ever read these blogs, and I have no intention of ever truly showing my face, I hope someone even if it's just one person, will get something out of these blogs.

This one, based on the title, will be the one for cosmetic/skincare reviews. My father used to always tell me my mother took so long in the bathroom because she was putting on warpaint, it's been a running joke ever since then. And I still love it :)

My other blog for dieting and everyday junk will be up shortly. And my photography/gizmo one will be up shortly after that. Thank you for looking, I hope you get something out of this little unknown blog.