Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome to my small but possibly useful blog-network. I am working on bettering myself through blogging, dieting, swatching and just writing in general. I will be posting 3 blogs, one for my dieting and everyday rambles, another for my swatching and cosmetics/skincare reviews, and yet just one more for my photography and gizmo reviewing and pictures.

While no one will probably ever read these blogs, and I have no intention of ever truly showing my face, I hope someone even if it's just one person, will get something out of these blogs.

This one, based on the title, will be the one for cosmetic/skincare reviews. My father used to always tell me my mother took so long in the bathroom because she was putting on warpaint, it's been a running joke ever since then. And I still love it :)

My other blog for dieting and everyday junk will be up shortly. And my photography/gizmo one will be up shortly after that. Thank you for looking, I hope you get something out of this little unknown blog.

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